• David Ambrose

That Time in Bogles - Journey to Carriacou

About ten miles northwest of the coast of St. Patrick’s, Grenada, the wooden single-mast schooner, Windward, bullied its way through the Caribbean Sea on a northward course for Hillsborough, Carriacou. Eighteen passengers crowded the cabin that sat aft on the deck as the boat rocked and rolled on the agitated water. Daniel grabbed his bench tightly as seven-and-a-half-foot waves crashed over the bow of the green and white 80-foot vessel. Four crewmen scampered about trying to secure any loose cargo on deck.

Daniel bemoaned having to travel to Grenada’s sister isle at this time of the year. The seas always seemed to be roughest in March and April. But his mother had insisted that he spend his Easter vacation with his cousins in Carriacou. He groaned as Windward heaved over another wave.

“Cuz, wha’ happen to you?” His cousin, Elijah, sat calmly next to him and had to shout over the din of the boat’s engine.

“Jah, boy, how much longer we have to take this?”

Sweat flowed profusely down Daniel’s dark but currently ashen face. He looked like he was about to puke.

Elijah laughed. “Boy, we on the water for only three hours. Doh worry, is only four more to go.”

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