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a zone one fan

A young reader purchases the short story, Zone One, at the 2021 St. George's Christmas pop-up.

The Kayak Tourist

D.E. Ambrose shows a copy of his children's book soon after he collects them from the shipping company.

D.E. Ambrose and a recently-published Grenadian author, Tricia Bethel

D.E. Ambrose poses with artist and new Grenadian author, Tricia Bethel.

donation to teacher ed 3

D.E. Ambrose donates a copy of The Kayak Tourist to the library at the Teacher Ed. Department of TAMCC.

TKT at the community library

D.E. Ambrose donates 2 copies of The Kayak Tourist to the Community Library Resource Centre in St. George's.

Four Grenadian authors at the 2022 Easter Bazaar

(L to R) Tricia Bethel; Roger Byer; D.E. Ambrose; Maureen St. Clair

DA and a fan

This visitor to Grenada was very happy to get a copy of a book that could provide some history about his ancestors.

Book launch images

Some fans grabbed copies of The Kayak Tourist at the Carriacou launch. Aliya read an excerpt for the audience.

signing for teachers

D.E. Ambrose signs a copy of That Time in Bogles for a teacher.

Grenadian Published Authors

(L to R) Roger Byer, Amy J.W. Jones, D.E. Ambrose, Rita Leone made up a panel for a TV literary discussion during the 2022 Spiceword Festival.

caribbean authors

N.C. Marks (St. Vincent), Wendy Crawford-Daniel, and D.E. Ambrose at a bonfire and story-telling event.

3 grenadian authors

Kamille John, D.E. Ambrose, and Amy J.W. Jones at Poetry/Spoken Word evening during the 2022 Aunty Tek Spiceword Festival.

D.E. Ambrose speaks

D.E. Ambrose gives some remarks at Poetry/Spoken Word evening during the 2022 Spiceword Festival.

st. martin book fair alums

Wendy Crawford-Daniel, N.C. Marks (St. Vincent), D.E. Ambrose after N.C. Marks launched her book, Children of the Ash, in Grenada on October 22.

DA in de bagadere

D.E. Ambrose had a successful showing at Kia in de Bagadere 2022 in Carriacou in November.

Books at the TAMCC Megafair

D.E. Ambrose appreciates this purchase of 3 of his titles at the TAMCC mega fair.

a couple fans

D.E. Ambrose and a couple fans at a December 2022 Christmas Market.

dec 26 tour

D.E. Ambrose on a tour of St. George's with a couple of guests from the UK.

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