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Caribbean Storyteller, Paul Keens-Douglas

Paul Keens-Douglas visited the launch of Grenadian Published Authors, Inc.

The directors of Grenadian Published Authors, Inc.

Directors: D.E. Ambrose; Wendy Crawford-Daniel; Roger Byer; Ronald Antoine

Dr. Merle Collins

D.E. Ambrose met celebrated Grenadian author, Dr. Merle Collins, at her September 29 book launch in Grenada.

September pop-up event

D.E. Ambrose and Grenadian Published Authors had a successful pop-up event at the end of September 2023.

Author Michelle Hood-Julien

Michelle Hood-Julien visited Grenada and picked up a copy of White Spice.

Two former TAMCC students

D.E. Ambrose and two of his former students who got their copies of White Spice.

authors at the NIS health fair

Several authors attended the NIS Health Fair in St. George's on Oct. 28.

screening madd thoughts at d bagadere

The national screening of the short film, Madd Thoughts, at KIA in d Bagadere in Carriacou.

former PS of ccou

Former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Carriacou & Petite Martinique Affairs, Bernadette Lendore-Sylvester, got a copy of The Kayak Tourist for her grandson.

with rhoda hall

Book exchange with childhood friend, Rhoda Hall, at KIA in d Bagadere.

a former student

A former student of D.E. Ambrose had to get her hands on a copy of White Spice for Christmas.

DA and Strongman

D.E. Ambrose was joined by author, Marcus "Strongman" Alexander, for the 2023 Christmas Market in St. George's.

Amy J. W. Jones book launch

D.E. Ambrose attended the book launch of Mammy Na, a novel by Amy Jones.

GBSS school mate

A secondary school mate of D. E. Ambrose made sure he got two books.

A D.E. Ambrose fan

This fan of D.E. Ambrose is a new author.

Grenadian authors at the mall

A few Grenadian authors turned up at the Spiceland Mall to sell books.

The Foreign Minister's Gala

D.E. Ambrose chatted with Grenadian ambassadors to China and the UN.

Independence Day Expo

Two fans of Grenadian fiction got White Spice on Independence Day.

D.E. Ambrose on Independence Day.

D. E. Ambrose decked out in the national colours on Grenada's Independence Day.

Three Grenadian authors

Authors Eustace M. Alexander; Loxley John; D. E. Ambrose at Pan 50 during the 2024 Grenada Independence celebrations.

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